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New Website for North America

Mission accomplished. Our new website for (prospect) customers from North America has been released!

With large economies like the USA and Canada as well as up-and-coming markets like Mexico, North America is a growth market with a whole lot of potential for the punker Group. In 2012, punker LLC was founded to make sure our customers get ideal close-by service. To further optimize the service and support for this market, we now released a separate website for this significant group of customers. It takes in account this target group’s specific information needs and technical demands regarding our fan wheels.

The new website is aimed mainly towards the HVAC-industry (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning). Accordingly, it spotlights the fan wheel series R63D-HVAC and D light. Regarding the imagery, we opted for more personality and character. Our colleagues at punker LLC organized a photo shoot just to make sure they’ll be seen from there best side. And it looks like that was a lot of fun. To make the visit to our website more fun, we included animated graphics, 360°-views and exploded views that explain the benefits of our diffusor design over conventional wheel designs.

We’re excited to find out how our customers and prospects in the USA, Canada and Mexico like our new website. We on our part are very pleased with the outcome of yet another great project realized by our trusted web agency wquadrat Medien GmbH.

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