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The D-Ticket as a Jobticket from punker: More Mobility and Flexibility for our Team

At punker, we focus on the needs of our employees and at the same time want to act as sustainably as possible as a company and employer. Today, we would like to introduce an employee benefit that combines these two aspirations: The Deutschlandticket as a job ticket from punker. 🚍🚋🚊⛴

What is the D-Ticket?

The D-Ticket or Deutschlandticket is a monthly subscription that allows subscribers to travel easily on all forms of public transportation.

What are the advantages of the punker job ticket?

Thanks to the employer contribution and the NAH.SH discount, our employees can travel for 31.55 euros per month instead of the regular 49 euros around the clock in all participating public transport companies throughout Germany in 2nd class.

Our Jobticket offers more than just a way to get to work. It opens doors to a better quality of life, promotes sustainability and flexibility, and demonstrates our commitment to our employees.
Our contribution and the NAH.SH discount save our team hard cash. The Deutschlandticket offers a cost-effective and at the same time environmentally friendly way to commute to punker.

1. Cost Efficiency 💶👍🏽

Our contribution and the NAH.SH discount save our team hard cash. The Deutschlandticket offers a cost-effective and at the same time environmentally friendly way to commute to punker.

2. Environmental Friendliness 🌳🐟

Using punker’s job ticket helps reduce environmental impact. Every time our employees use it – whether for their commute to work or during their leisure time – they reduce their CO2 emissions and thus make a contribution to environmental protection.

3. Flexibility and Freedom 🤾🏽‍♀️👩🏽‍🤝‍🧑🏿

When it comes to using the Deutschlandticket, our team is not limited to commuting to work by bus and/or train. Our colleagues also use it, for example, to do their weekly grocery shopping without a car, to go to the many sports activities offered as part of our cooperation with Hansefit, or to visit friends, acquaintances and family.

If you have any questions, our HR Team will be happy to help. Become part of the punker team and experience the advantages of the Deutschlandticket for yourself!

Learn more about working with punker on our website!



Dear Colleagues,

Effective and efficient internal corporate communications is crucial to the success and growth of the entire punker Group. It enables us to exchange information, share knowledge, promote the commitment of all of us, and build a strong corporate culture. 📢💡 Over the past few weeks, we have been working intensively on this topic and would now like to take a significant step toward structured, effective internal communications. 💪🏽

What do we mean by internal corporate communications?

We define it as the exchange of information, ideas, goals and values within our organization, across all locations. It encompasses communication between management and employees, as well as dialog among employees themselves. Internal communication serves to improve collaboration, promote understanding of corporate goals, and ensure that each of us has access to the information that is relevant to him or her.

What are our objectives?

Our goal is to ensure that our internal corporate communications are transparent, motivating and engaging. We want to ensure that information is communicated promptly and clearly, that employees feel heard and valued, and that communication leads to stronger identification within the punker Group.

Your opinion counts | Employee survey

In order to assess the current status quo of our internal communications, we would like to obtain your valuable feedback in the form of an employee survey. This survey gives you the opportunity to judge the current internal communication and to share your suggestions and needs with us. Your feedback is extremely important to us, as it enables us to better understand your expectations and to optimize our internal communication measures in a targeted manner.

The results of this survey will serve as the basis for designing a new approach to our internal communications. We want to ensure that communications are more effective and targeted, and that your needs and concerns are addressed.

How to participate

Via a workplace computer

Those with access to a workplace computer can participate via the following link:

Via smartphone

Those without computer access can use their personal smartphone to scan the following QR code to participate in the survey.

We look forward to your participation and your valuable contributions!

Many thanks for your support

Partners Quality

punker awarded “Supplier of the Year” by RATIONAL AG for second year in row

punker has successfully defended the first place in the supplier evaluation of our long-standing partner RATIONAL AG. This is the fourth time that we have been named “Supplier of the Year”. Since 2005 punker has been supplying fan wheels for the combi steamers and SelfCookingCenter (c) of the world market leader Rational, whose cooking systems have become the standard in the professional kitchens of the world. In June 2019, Rational delivered the 1,000,000th combi steamer.

At punker, we attach great importance to long-term cooperation with our customers – which has paid off in the case of Rational through repeated occupancy of the TOP 5 places in the supplier evaluation.

These punker fan wheel series deliver optimum air performance for applications in the food industry such as ovens, combi steamers, cooking cabinets, smoking ovens, etc.

Read also the article about the award as Supplier of the Year 2017


Partners Quality

punker is RATIONAL’s “Supplier of the Year” 2017

September 29th, 2018 was a special day for punker. The company RATIONAL AG had its technical director Peter Wiedemann as well as Wolfgang Wirtz, Aldo Paintner and Dr. Uli Mach personally bring us very good news: the award of punker GmbH as “Supplier of the Year” 2017.

SelfCookingCenter (c) RATIONAL AG

RATIONAL AG is a very important customer for punker and manufactures combination ovens, i.e. “SelfCookingCenter” for the thermal preparation of food in gastronomy, canteen kitchens, chain stores and catering. In the meantime, Rational has advanced to become the world’s largest manufacturer in this sector. We have been able to accompany Rational on this path since 2002. The fact that we have developed into a strategically important partner for Rational during this time is also shown by the development of the quantities of spot-welded fan wheels that we supply – these have increased 4.5 times since the beginning of the cooperation. The fan wheels supplied by us guarantee a perfectly matched air distribution in the appliance for an even cooking result.

Now for the good news: punker has again managed to become the “Supplier of the Year” with more than 96 points in 2017 due to the outstanding delivery and quality performance in the year 2017. In a solemn hour Peter Wiedemann emphasized the extraordinary performance of the punker team. Around 60 colleagues were able to receive the great award this morning.

After the first top ranking in 2004, a 2nd place in 2011 followed, which was transformed into a 1st place again in 2012. In the year 2017 our team has now reached first place for the third time. It is no coincidence that Dr. Uli Mach’s eulogy says “right up to the worker, everyone identifies with the Rational product”.

At punker, we attach great importance to long-term cooperation with our customers – which has paid off in the case of Rational through repeated occupancy of the TOP 5 places in the supplier evaluation.


The True North in Silicon Valley

At the end of August I travelled to Silicon Valley as part of a delegation trip organized by the state government of Schleswig-Holstein under the leadership of Dirk Schrödter, head of the state chancellery – and flew home very impressed and enthusiastic. Other high-ranking representatives of the state government as well as the city of Kiel, the state parliament faction, the council meeting of the city of Kiel, many universities, the business development agencies, the Chamber of Commerce and the WTSH (Business Development and Technology Transfer), the economy and the initiators of the partnership regions around San Francisco and Kiel participated in the more than 60-member delegation. Star guests were the representatives of 4 start-ups from Kiel.

The innovative power of the Silicon Valley was particularly impressive from close up, which can be attributed to the interaction of university (Stanford University), venture capital and ambitious founders, professionally supported by accelerators that systematically bring the partners together – also with the scouts of large corporations, especially from Germany. Plug and Play is the most successful accelerator. Together all partners are spurred to top performance – a bit like a fever for success. The results are known and can be seen.

The delegation perceived and experienced these mechanisms of action and this culture together. And everyone was enthusiastic and convinced: that’s how similar we can be. A clear commitment to the cooperation of all parties involved, also in Schleswig-Holstein. I am confident that Schleswig-Holstein’s innovative strength – and thus its attractiveness – can be driven forward on the basis of this common spirit: what can everyone contribute to make it a success? A start has been made with the establishment of the Northern Germany Innovation Office in San Francisco, managed by Tim Jöhnk, a young man from Kiel who has been working in Silicon Valley for several years and has an excellent network.  The perfectly organized trip was very worthwhile! I’m glad I was there.

More information regarding the Northern Germany Innovation Office…


punker Corporate Video

It’s round, it’s spinning, it’s impossible to imagine today’s world without it – the wheel. It is considered the most important invention of mankind and the key to technical development. And with it the origin of the punker fan wheels, which move air all over the world. Air for the climatisation of office buildings, the cooling of compressors, for drying our laundry, for cooking of your dinner to perfection, to keep the air clean in paint booths and so much more.

In our new corporate video, you will experience how we reinvent the wheel every day and move the world with true passion for innovation and over 60 years of experience.

We leave idleness to others. And reinvent the [fan] wheel over and over – each and every day.

Experience the innovative power of true passion. Experience innovative fan wheels, engineered in Germany.



Facts & Figures Markets

2018 AHR Expo

In 2018, energy efficiency was again one of the topics exhibitors and visitors were concerned with at the 2018 AHR Expo, which was held from January 22 -24 in Chicago. Thus, the punker exhibition team was thrilled about the great interest with which the high-efficiency D-Series fan wheels were met once again. Presented for the first time was an extremely lightweight fan impeller in a welded execution: the Dlight – welded.

New Product: Dlight – welded

With the Dlight – welded, punker adds to the existing D-Series, a product range of energy-efficient diffusor fan wheels unhoused applications such as plug fans, plenum fans,  and air handling. The welded aluminum impeller offers a high ventilation system performance paired with low weight and pleasant acoustics. It is suited for applications that require a static pressure increase of 4 – 5.5″ WG (AMCA Class I) and compatible with various AC or EC drives.

AHR Expo – International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition

AHR Expo is the most important exhibition for Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigerating on the American continents. With an estimated 70,000 visitors and 2,100 exhibiting companies, this year’s show is the largest event since it’s start in 1930. In the good company of industry giants like ebm-papst, Ziehl-Abegg, Rosenberg and Comefri, punker exhibited fan wheels “Engineered in Germany – Made in the USA” for the seventh year in a row.

HVAC Manufacturers confident About Economic Outlook

The record-breaking visitor count is congruent with HVAC manufacturers’ extremely positive outlook for the fiscal year of 2018. According to the latest AHR Expo and ASHRAE Journal Annual Economic Outlook Survey, 89% of responders expect excellent or good growth, up 15% from the already positive outlook in 2017. The development of sales indicates that this is not just a snapshot: 69% of respondents reported higher sales in 2017 versus 57% in 2016. The percentage of businesses with a significantly higher  sales growth (more than 10% year-on-year) increased as well, from Und  23% in 2016 to 34% in 2017.

punker meets Market Requirements of Reliability and Energy Efficiency

With such a positive outlook for the new fiscal year, many manufacturers are looking for the latest and best technologies and products. With regard to customer expectations, respondents continue to consider reliability and energy efficiency as the most influential factors in their 2018 buying decisions. With the D-Series, punker offers the right solution for these market requirements. This was also reflected in an even higher number of visitors on our booth, compared to the previous year.


plus-MINT Talent Program

plus-MINT at punker: Daily Boarding
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Exactly half a year after punker GmbH visited the World Market Leaders’ Forum at the boarding school, day school and IB World school Louisenlund, the 16 students of the Louisenlund talent program”plus-MINT” reunited with us in Eckernförde. At the punker headquarters, the emerging talent learned more about a medium-sized company from Schleswig-Holstein, where Mathematics, Information Technology, Natural Sciences and Technology – MINT for short – are used every day – which by the way is also Europe’s market leader in the development and production of radial fan wheels.

Why did the student group visit punker?

Like the Louisenlund Foundation, punker GmbH is a premium partner of the WT.SH partner program “Schleswig-Holstein. The True North.” Contact had already been established at the first World Market Leaders’ Forum with a focus on MINT in Louisenlund. At the subsequent MINT job fair the students showed great interest in the European market leader’s air-movement solutions. punker gladly invited the students and program coordinator Janet Blankenburg Ph.D. to Eckernförde to learn more about the delevoper and manufacturer of radial impellers. A view behind the scenes was, of course, part of their visit. The 16 young talents were given a tour of all production-relevant departments. From the R&D department, to the tooling shop and parts production right up to the wheel assembly and welding. Christian Hornhardt (Head of Technology) and Markus Oberle (Head of Order Fulfillment) answered questions about the market orientation of the punker Group, project cycles of new developments, various production processes, challenges in high-security-sensitive customer applications or the product pricing strategies.

What is the plus-MINT program about?

18 students from classes 9 through 12 currently attend the plus-MINT program at Louisenlund. One thing these students have in common is that they have the enthusiasm and aptitude for Mathematics, Information Technology, Natural Sciences and Technology – in short, MINT. A specially developed curriculum promotes these gifted students. This above-average promotion is adapted to the specific abilities of the students in the respective MINT subjects. The level of the four-year school education course is far above the regular Abitur (german university entrance diploma) level of a regular school and considers all talents, regardless of their social origin or nationality.

The Association for MINT Talent Promotion e. V., along with several plus-MINT boarding schools, offers a promotion of talent for highly qualified students in mathematics, computer science, biology, chemistry, physics, following the example of the successful promotion of talent by the German Football Association.



New Product Portfolio

punker Produkt-Portfolio

The punker product portfolio is fit for the energy-efficient future of ventilation system solutions

The punker product development and strategy team, made up of sales and R&D employees, is very close to the market and can therefore respond to the changing needs of our customers at an early stage and continuously optimize our product portfolio. Within a short time, four new blower wheel series have been introduced with the D-Series(Dlight, Dclassic and Dprime) and the Slight.

The D-Series provides the answer to any challenge of unhoused HVAC applications, making it the best solution for your applications in which you have used our R63D1, R63D2 and R63D-HVAC series in the past. The Slight for use in spiral housings, as well as free-blowing, is ideally suited for certified F400 / C4 applications such as smoke extraction and heat exhaust. In addition, smaller sizes of the Slight can be used as a surrogate for less energy-efficient forward-curved wheels. With the Slight, punker provides a sustainable alternative for the HLR70, R67 / 75, R69L1 and R63B1 series.

Over the course of the coming months, the punker product portfolio will be further optimized and consolidated so that our customers will always receive the best possible solution for their standard and high-tech ventilation applications.

To speed up your search for the best suited fan wheel series for your application, we have structured our fan wheel series – the well-established and the newly developed – and their most important technical features in an easy to navigate, interactive series-industry matrix.

The punker World of Ventilation at a click of the mouse:

Clicking a product name opens the fan wheel series’ technical features.


AHR Expo Las Vegas – Energy efficiency in the desert

End of January 2017, the AHR participation (largest trade show for Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration in the US) was on punker’s agenda, already for the 6th time in a row. The presentation of the new, highly efficient punker D-Series was a home run – this year’s show in Las Vegas was all about energy efficiency.

The exposition took place in the Las Vegas Convention Center (Jan. 30 to Feb. 1, 2017). Honestly, we had some doubts if Las Vegas was the right place for an industry trade show. But only 30 minutes after the opening these doubts proved wrong: The enormous appeal of ‘fabulous Las Vegas’ brought a visitors record already on day one. Obviously, many visitors combined a visit of Las Vegas and the trade show by arriving already the weekend before.

Our booth in the Central Hall was crowded by visitors on Monday morning: Frank Mueller (Area Sales Manager North, Central and South America), Juergen Beinke (Director Global Sales) and myself had many opportunities to spread the enthusiasm for our new energy efficient D-Series. While the interest in energy efficient solutions was still low during the 2016 AHR Expo in Orlando, it had sparked very strong interest by this year.

Energy Efficiency Everywhere

The yearly survey amongst the trade show visitors by the ASHRAE Journal (monthly journal published by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) confirmed the increased awareness of energy efficient solutions: 60,5% of the 700 respondents indicated that energy efficiency is the most important aspect for their customers (ahead: 74,2% Reliability, 70,4% Cost). Only 4% indicated that customers are not willing to pay more for energy efficiency, almost 80% confirmed the increased willingness to pay more, another 80% is actively on the lookout for ‘green’ or sustainable products on the trade show. However, only 25% of the respondents notice a support or even incentives by the state to change to energy efficient products or technologies.

By presenting ‚Increasing Energy Efficiency with the new punker Diffuser Technology’ in the New Product & Technology Theater of the AHR Expo, Frank Mueller and Juergen Beinke succeeded in demonstrating to even more trade show visitors, how the punker D-Series fan wheels increase the energy efficiency of free blowing HVAC systems and reduce the operating costs at the same time.

“Made in USA” and “America first”

Apart from energy efficiency, another aspect was a hot topic in many business discussions: The question if our products are made in USA. Already in 2016, we put a strong focus on showing that we are producing in the US. The significance of ‘made in USA’, however, has even more increased, mainly due to the ‘America first’ attitude of the Trump administration and their announcement to impose punitive tariff duties on certain imports from Germany. Whatever the reason for this question was – the fact, that punker produces in the USA for the US market is key to our successful business relations in this market.

Next AHR Expo is from Jan. 22-24, 2018, in Chicago. Already looking forward to your visit on our booth No. 3337!