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A few days ago, the annual user conference of the orgavision GmbH took place in Berlin for the fourth time. At special invitation, I had the chance to give a guest lecture on our experiences in the field of knowledge management at this event with more than 120 participants. We have been using orgavision’s software for some months now to establish our organization manual and to make it accessible for all employees. The software is a so-called Wiki. The term, which most of us probably know from the internet platform Wikipedia, is derived from the Hawaiian and means fast or, as in the above-used doubling, very fast. As already reported in a previous blog post, we had decided to implement a knowledge management software as part of a master thesis on corporate knowledge management.

Once again, the lively interest in the subject of knowledge management became apparent at this user conference. A lot of well attended lectures discussed companies’ challenges to prevent the loss of knowledge due to long-time employees retiring or how the flood of information we are faced with on a daily basis leaves less and less time for the documentation of the information that is really noteworthy. At the same time it becomes apparent that the factor knowledge gains more and more importance  in globally competing market. Not least because of this does the latest version of the ISO 9001 devote an entire chapter to the subject of “Organizational  Knowledge” and requires a conscious knowledge management:

The organization needs to determine the knowledge needed to operate its processes and make its products and services conform to requirements. This knowledge must be maintained and made available as needed. The organization must consider its current knowledge when making changes, and determine how it will gain additional or updated knowledge if necessary for the changing needs.

In the light of the above, our pia ( shall not only save existing knowledge and make it quickly findable. It is also supposed to contribute to systematically cultivating and expanding the in-house knowledge through up-to-date news, discussion boards and cross-references to noteworthy information. Only then will we continue to be an innovative partner to our clients in the future.

Further information on this topic:

quality digest: Knowledge Management in ISO 9001:2015


Our site at Hickory, NC is now ISO 9001 certified!

When punker LLC was founded at the new location in North Carolina it was already clear that there could only be one benchmark / standard for punker quality. Right from the start, the customers served by punker LLC should be able to experience the quality of products and services they were accustomed to. Consequently, only a comprehensive quality management system could be considered. At punker headquarters in Eckernförde this quality management system has been in effect for years. It is successfully certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001, the internationally recognized standard for quality management systems, and is being advanced continuously. In order for this certificate to be valid for our new site in Hickory, part of this year’s surveillance audit was performed by TÜV Nord (certification body in Germany) in Hickory for the first time.

In the run-up to this audit numerous specification documents had to be translated and adapted to the conditions in the US. Trainings on-site and at our headquarters in Eckernförde conveyed our understanding of quality to our colleagues in Hickory. This transfer of knowledge proved successful during the audit: no deviations were detected. As a reward for their efforts, our colleagues in the US received their own certificate issued by TÜV Nord.

More information from TÜV NORD CERT: