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punker awarded “Supplier of the Year” by RATIONAL AG for second year in row

punker has successfully defended the first place in the supplier evaluation of our long-standing partner RATIONAL AG. This is the fourth time that we have been named “Supplier of the Year”. Since 2005 punker has been supplying fan wheels for the combi steamers and SelfCookingCenter (c) of the world market leader Rational, whose cooking systems have become the standard in the professional kitchens of the world. In June 2019, Rational delivered the 1,000,000th combi steamer.

At punker, we attach great importance to long-term cooperation with our customers – which has paid off in the case of Rational through repeated occupancy of the TOP 5 places in the supplier evaluation.

These punker fan wheel series deliver optimum air performance for applications in the food industry such as ovens, combi steamers, cooking cabinets, smoking ovens, etc.

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Partners Quality

punker is RATIONAL’s “Supplier of the Year” 2017

September 29th, 2018 was a special day for punker. The company RATIONAL AG had its technical director Peter Wiedemann as well as Wolfgang Wirtz, Aldo Paintner and Dr. Uli Mach personally bring us very good news: the award of punker GmbH as “Supplier of the Year” 2017.

SelfCookingCenter (c) RATIONAL AG

RATIONAL AG is a very important customer for punker and manufactures combination ovens, i.e. “SelfCookingCenter” for the thermal preparation of food in gastronomy, canteen kitchens, chain stores and catering. In the meantime, Rational has advanced to become the world’s largest manufacturer in this sector. We have been able to accompany Rational on this path since 2002. The fact that we have developed into a strategically important partner for Rational during this time is also shown by the development of the quantities of spot-welded fan wheels that we supply – these have increased 4.5 times since the beginning of the cooperation. The fan wheels supplied by us guarantee a perfectly matched air distribution in the appliance for an even cooking result.

Now for the good news: punker has again managed to become the “Supplier of the Year” with more than 96 points in 2017 due to the outstanding delivery and quality performance in the year 2017. In a solemn hour Peter Wiedemann emphasized the extraordinary performance of the punker team. Around 60 colleagues were able to receive the great award this morning.

After the first top ranking in 2004, a 2nd place in 2011 followed, which was transformed into a 1st place again in 2012. In the year 2017 our team has now reached first place for the third time. It is no coincidence that Dr. Uli Mach’s eulogy says “right up to the worker, everyone identifies with the Rational product”.

At punker, we attach great importance to long-term cooperation with our customers – which has paid off in the case of Rational through repeated occupancy of the TOP 5 places in the supplier evaluation.

Partners Quality

DGQ praises Lean Management at punker GmbH

During a visit in Eckernfoerde the Schleswig-Holstein Regional Group of the German Association for Quality (DGQ) convinces itself of the high quality standards at punker.

Several times a year, the Schleswig-Holstein Regional Group of the German Association for Quality (DGQ) meets at various locations to discuss the latest developments in the field of quality management and related topics. Participants are primarily quality managers from Schleswig-Holstein companies.

On the initiative of the regional district management, such a meeting took place at punker at the end of August 2018. It gave us the opportunity to introduce ourselves and our activities in lean management and excellence. After the presentation and the tour of the plant, the participants were impressed by the changes we have implemented in recent years. In addition to the boards on which we carry out the daily detailed planning, the topic of order and cleanliness (5S) was of particular interest. Especially the prefabrication was praised as exemplary by the visitors.

“The punker GmbH is also an economically successful example of a quality leader, with which the conformity ‘drops off’, because the processes are controlled.
Kai-Uwe Behrends | DGQ Office

Such feedback is important for us in order to recognize where we stand in comparison to other companies. The application for this year’s MX-Award and the meeting of the “Network of Excellence” of Rational AG, which was recently held at our company in Eckernfoerde, served the same purpose.

During the event, Dr. Klaus Thoms handed over the management of the regional district to his successor Bernd Fries after 18 years in office.

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A few days ago, the annual user conference of the orgavision GmbH took place in Berlin for the fourth time. At special invitation, I had the chance to give a guest lecture on our experiences in the field of knowledge management at this event with more than 120 participants. We have been using orgavision’s software for some months now to establish our organization manual and to make it accessible for all employees. The software is a so-called Wiki. The term, which most of us probably know from the internet platform Wikipedia, is derived from the Hawaiian and means fast or, as in the above-used doubling, very fast. As already reported in a previous blog post, we had decided to implement a knowledge management software as part of a master thesis on corporate knowledge management.

Once again, the lively interest in the subject of knowledge management became apparent at this user conference. A lot of well attended lectures discussed companies’ challenges to prevent the loss of knowledge due to long-time employees retiring or how the flood of information we are faced with on a daily basis leaves less and less time for the documentation of the information that is really noteworthy. At the same time it becomes apparent that the factor knowledge gains more and more importance  in globally competing market. Not least because of this does the latest version of the ISO 9001 devote an entire chapter to the subject of “Organizational  Knowledge” and requires a conscious knowledge management:

The organization needs to determine the knowledge needed to operate its processes and make its products and services conform to requirements. This knowledge must be maintained and made available as needed. The organization must consider its current knowledge when making changes, and determine how it will gain additional or updated knowledge if necessary for the changing needs.

In the light of the above, our pia ( shall not only save existing knowledge and make it quickly findable. It is also supposed to contribute to systematically cultivating and expanding the in-house knowledge through up-to-date news, discussion boards and cross-references to noteworthy information. Only then will we continue to be an innovative partner to our clients in the future.

Further information on this topic:

quality digest: Knowledge Management in ISO 9001:2015


Outstanding trainees

On September 21, 2016, the Chamber of Industry an Commerce Kiel invited us to graduation ceremony to honor the outstanding achievements of trainees and their apprenticing companies.  As punker’s Human Resources Manager, I accompanied our graduate Kevin Salten, who completed his vocational training as an industrial mechanic between August 2013 and June 2016, and our vocational training manager Joachim Peetz to the ceremony. Kevin Salten achieved an overall score of 94 out of 100 points and was awarded the top grade “1”.

A total of 44 graduates of various occupations and from different companies were being honored. Kevin’s colleague Tobias Huth, who completed his vocational training as industrial mechanic together with Kevin,  achieved a similar dream result of 92 points and was awarded the top grade “1” as well. Tobias Huth will continue his school education to gain the entrance qualification to attend an advanced technical colleges. Luckily for us, he decided to continue working for punker’s quality department as temporary staff.

It is a solemn moment when young men and women proudly accept their certificates and realize: I made it! Vocational training completed. The grade is not the most important thing, being content with your own achievement is what counts. You don’t study for our employer or our parents, your doing it for yourself and your own future. Nevertheless, two trainees of the same class achieving top grades and finishing their training half a year early is a real cause for celebration.

punker was being honored as well as an outstanding apprenticing company: „In recognition of exeptional services in vocational training, the Chamber of Industry an Commerce Kiel presents punker with this certificate.” Particular thanks are due to our vocational training manager for his extraordinary efforts: Joachim Peetz has been part of the punker crew since 1978 and is co-resonsible for the prudential, quality-oriented  vocational training of our industrial/technical trainees. Thus, this honor award is also the result of dedicated and extroardinary professional training work for which thanks are due to all those who contribute to the vocational training: co-workers, team managers and especially Joachim Peetz. But no matter how good the coach, the trainee has to really want to excel. With a lot of dedication by the trainee and a high training quality, the course for a successfull career start is laid. In this case, it all came together nicely.

We congratulate two more trainees on their graduation: Tore Peetz and Jana Nissen have successfully completed their vocation training as industrial management assistants this summer. Tore Peetz continues to work for punker’s order center while Jana Nissen found a job at a close-by trading firm.

Both our training manager Joachim Peetz and I are on the board of examiners at the Chamber of Industry an Commerce Kiel and are therefore responsible for examining and grading the trainees from our chamber’s district.

Quality Together

Knowledge Management – A Team Effort

Why is the resource “knowledge” still posing problems for today’s organizations when for milleniums, humans have been successfully practicing knowledge management?  Data, information and knowledge have been preserved in mankind through many generations – even in times when paper was not yet available, when tales where still passed on at the fireplace or simply from parents to their children or from master to apprentice. The quality of these methods surely is debatable. Similar to playing “Chinese Whispers”, story telling or cave art surely caused a lot of information to fall by the wayside. But after all, we always find a way to preserve knowledge and to make it accessible and practicable for the next generation.

So where is the problem?

A common problem is the lack of awareness of the knowledge that is or should be existent within the organization, or what would have to be done to generate it. Existing knowledge is stored in different storage locations in an uncoordinated and unclear manner, making it close to impossible to retrieve. Storage processes and the generation of knowledge are unreproducable and responsibilities only moderately assigned. Against the trends towards “leaner” organizations and modern eletronic possibilities, we are, to this day, still wasting about 25 percent of our labor time on the procurement and conservation of information. An yet, when we leave the organization, we take the lion’s share of know how with us, and it is lost to the rest of the organization.

What can be done about it?

At punker, the path is clear: Documents and information that up until today were hidden deep down in conventional binders, folders and directories will from now on be integrated into a clearly structured, easily understandable knowledge and information management system that is interdivisional and accessible to all staff. Away from old structures towards an interactive source of information in the creation of which all employees are more than welcome to actively participate. The goal is to reduce the time it takes to find required information so that we have more time for utilizing and multiplying this knowledge. All punker production facilities and sales offices worldwide will be tied together with multiple language options. This way, processes can be optimized in real time via direct feedback without delay and the progress of internal projects can be documented “online”, facilitating internal communication tremendously.

During the next few weeks, we will be laying the groundwork for such an “enterprise wiki” at punker. After that, it is up to all of us to feed the system with the information required to face future challenges that accompany demographical change and globalization.

We will keep you posted on this knowledge- and value-adding project on this blog.

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Quality Together

Customer Survey 2016

In Spring 2016, we conducted a comprehensive customer survey. Our customers’ honest opinion is invaluable for us to further optimize our products and services. It shows us how satisfied they are with our product range and reveals starting points for further increasing customer satisfaction.

How was the survey conducted?

While punker used to conduct customer surveys by sending out paper questionnaires by mail, we this year decided to do an online survey for the first time. Many of our customers valued the previous personal correspondance. However, an online survey offers a lot of advantages regarding the flexibility, handling and design and not least it is by far more resource-saving. We opted for the online tool SurveyMonkey, which we liked a lot. It lets you design surveys fast and conveniently, the survey can be distributed by differents means (automatically generated Email, sending out a link via Email, embedding the survey on a website or social media-channel) and offers extensive options for analyzing results.  We decided to send out a link to the survey via personalized Email to a previously defined group of addressees.

Who was questioned?

We have contacted 1,577 addressees from sales, engineering and qualtity management departments worldwide and devided these into two cohorts – A- and B-customers as well as C-customers. This way we would be able to analyze wether the different customer segments perceived or rated the quality of our products and services differently. The survey has been conducted anonymously in order to get honest feedback.

What was being analyzed?

We asked our customers to rate punker in various areas that are key drivers of customer satisfaction:

  • Product range – i.e. quality, depth and width of our product line and innovative character of our fan wheels
  • Order fulfillment – i.e. delivery times, packaging / labeling, prder processing
  • Our employees – Evaluation of our staff in Sales, Order Center, Engineering and Quality Management
  • Informational resources – i.e.  technical product informationen, puncat Software for the selection of fan wheels, Website and, punker Blog, Newsletter

What have we learned?

  • 97% of participants are satisfied or extremely satisfied with the quality of our products.
  • 98% of participants think our employess from Sales, Order Center, Engineering and Quality Management possess excellent professional competence.
  • Some few participants see room for improvement when it comes to our technical information, such as data sheets, drawings or the selection sofware puncat.
  • 69% of participants don’t know the punker Blog yet – but those who do like it very much.
  • The ratings of our C-customers do not differ from those of our A- and B-customers.
  • Our customers abroad rate us similarly as our German customers.

What happens next?

We are using our customers’ honest feedback as an opportunity to further improve our products and services:

  • We are currently reviewing and revising our product data sheets and customer drawings.
  • We are working on improving our reachability and reducing response times for customer requests.
  • Our puncat selection software is being overhauled – a new web-based application will be released late Summer 2016.
  • We will conduct the next customer survey in Spring 2017 to find out whether our efforts bear fruits.

We thank everyone who participated in this year’s customer survey!