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Customer Survey 2016

In Spring 2016, we conducted a comprehensive customer survey. Our customers’ honest opinion is invaluable for us to further optimize our products and services. It shows us how satisfied they are with our product range and reveals starting points for further increasing customer satisfaction.

How was the survey conducted?

While punker used to conduct customer surveys by sending out paper questionnaires by mail, we this year decided to do an online survey for the first time. Many of our customers valued the previous personal correspondance. However, an online survey offers a lot of advantages regarding the flexibility, handling and design and not least it is by far more resource-saving. We opted for the online tool SurveyMonkey, which we liked a lot. It lets you design surveys fast and conveniently, the survey can be distributed by differents means (automatically generated Email, sending out a link via Email, embedding the survey on a website or social media-channel) and offers extensive options for analyzing results.  We decided to send out a link to the survey via personalized Email to a previously defined group of addressees.

Who was questioned?

We have contacted 1,577 addressees from sales, engineering and qualtity management departments worldwide and devided these into two cohorts – A- and B-customers as well as C-customers. This way we would be able to analyze wether the different customer segments perceived or rated the quality of our products and services differently. The survey has been conducted anonymously in order to get honest feedback.

What was being analyzed?

We asked our customers to rate punker in various areas that are key drivers of customer satisfaction:

  • Product range – i.e. quality, depth and width of our product line and innovative character of our fan wheels
  • Order fulfillment – i.e. delivery times, packaging / labeling, prder processing
  • Our employees – Evaluation of our staff in Sales, Order Center, Engineering and Quality Management
  • Informational resources – i.e.  technical product informationen, puncat Software for the selection of fan wheels, Website and, punker Blog, Newsletter

What have we learned?

  • 97% of participants are satisfied or extremely satisfied with the quality of our products.
  • 98% of participants think our employess from Sales, Order Center, Engineering and Quality Management possess excellent professional competence.
  • Some few participants see room for improvement when it comes to our technical information, such as data sheets, drawings or the selection sofware puncat.
  • 69% of participants don’t know the punker Blog yet – but those who do like it very much.
  • The ratings of our C-customers do not differ from those of our A- and B-customers.
  • Our customers abroad rate us similarly as our German customers.

What happens next?

We are using our customers’ honest feedback as an opportunity to further improve our products and services:

  • We are currently reviewing and revising our product data sheets and customer drawings.
  • We are working on improving our reachability and reducing response times for customer requests.
  • Our puncat selection software is being overhauled – a new web-based application will be released late Summer 2016.
  • We will conduct the next customer survey in Spring 2017 to find out whether our efforts bear fruits.

We thank everyone who participated in this year’s customer survey!