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Climate World Moscow

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Every year in March, the exhibition center in Moscow hosts the Mir Klimata trade show, also known as Climate World Moscow. From March 1-4 2016, 249 companies were represented on this international trade show for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Due to the ongoing economic crisis, this year only 3 exhibition halls were booked, whereas in 2015 a total number of 348 exhibitors were represented in 6 halls.

Being the regional manager for North East Europe, this trade show is a must see for me – and this year I was accompanied by our Director of Global Jürgen Beinke. The impact of the economic crisis became very obvious in our meetings and conversations – the construction and air conditioning industry is heavily affected. Although current construction projects will be finished, no new major projects are initiated. To counteract this trend, many smaller manufacturers in the HVAC industry are looking for alternative business opportunities like swimming pools or air conditioning or they concentrate their activities on the retrofit business.

However, key players of this industry like IZTT, Teplomash, Normalvent, VEZA or Korf  were represented on the Mir Klimata as ever. Apart from the Russian manufacturers, several important European companies like Systemair, Swegon, Nicotra-Gebhardt and ebm-papst participated as exhibitors at the show, some of them by their Russian representatives.

Due to the economic crisis, the show organizers put a lot of emphasis on international cooperation this year: for the first time, Turkey was the official partner country of the Mir Klimata and with EUROVENT another official partner was represented on the show. The Chinese exhibitors, however, usually having one full exhibition hall all for themselves, cancelled their attendance due to the negative economic situation, so that the remaining Chinese exhibitors, for example Sanmu Motors, were placed amongst the other exhibitors.

We were happy to meet our big Russian customers again this year on the show, moreover we managed to establish new, promising contacts, so that we remain confident on the future prospects for our business in North East Europe, despite the uncertain economic situation.